How To Get The Most Out of 3D Pictures

3D pictures are becoming increasingly popular as they allow us to get a feel for how a model may actually look like. It is becoming more common to see photographs of people with 3d glasses or backgrounds adding depth and additional realism. This is great for presenting people in a glamorous light or in a more natural light. However, these photographs can also be great for showing off a person’s style or individuality. Whether you are looking for gifts for a girlfriend or a present for yourself, here we have a few ideas that could help.

Crystal photo albums: If you want to make 3d pictures look the best you can then it is worth investing in some professional crystal photo albums. They are not the cheapest albums around but the results they produce are worth the price. To replicate the effect of 2 normal eyes you will need 2 similar photo albums on different kinds of stands or get a digital camera capable of taking multiple pictures at once (preferably with a delay) so that you can take a similar photo of the recipient. The advantage of this type of gift is that you will have multiple layers of crystals (or glasses if you are looking for that effect) to match the other layers of photo albums.

A depth camera: depth cameras are all the rage at the moment and can be a great gift for a girlfriend or wife if you don’t already own one. These cameras work by using mirrors to slightly change the light coming through the camera lens. This slightly different light makes the image look slightly different because it is slightly different in the distance from the mirror than it is from the front. One example of this is if you stand in front of a mirror with your back to it you will see a slightly different depth. Most modern depth cameras work by using an array of LEDs behind the lens that gives the impression of a mirror.

3d images courtesy of the viewer: the easiest way to make 3d pictures using your camera is to mount the viewer onto a tripod. Put the viewer in front of the LCD screen and point the camera at it. Release the shutter and take the shot. When viewing 3d pictures you will notice that some items in the scene with the viewer are slightly off-screen because the viewer’s eye sees them slightly behind the object/s.

Stereograms: this is another popular method of getting great-looking gifts for girlfriend. Stereograms use a projector to project the image onto a wall, usually in black and white (as with a projection screen) so that the audience can see the image as it would appear to be seen through a glass plate. Stereograms are available in two types. The first is a closed system where the viewer has to crane his neck to look through the plate, and the other is an open system where the viewer can look through the eyepieces. Both systems give a similar effect of seeing the image as it would be seen through a clear plate.

3d pictures and photos are a great way to show off your creativity with photos. If you need some inspiration on how to improve on your current work, why not check out some of the resources available on my website. You can also find out more about 3d portrait mode cameras on the Nikon Coolpix website. If you’d like some additional help or information on 3d pictures and photo editing check out the links below.

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